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Orange Cheeto Whine

hedge010618My prediction:  Trump will resign some time this year. Mueller’s report come out. It will be damning. Trump will want to save his family and business. And once his support among Republicans drops below 70% (overall below 30%), Repub leaders will cut him adrift.




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A Very Fine Whine

Hedge02142018Charlie Sheen’s “Winner!” meme is probably well past its sell date.

And I don’t really care.

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The One With the Bandit-You-Want-to-Hug-Mug

oh131121I’ve been censored. Again. I actually wrote, “The B.S. is strong in this one,” but someone decided it was inappropriate for a family newspaper/web/mobile audience. Good thing I have this forum to set the record straight.

And, you know, whine.


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