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It’s Hip To Be Verne

Hedge08161959I have a beard. But it’s a more of a stubbley-I-hate-shave-thing than a beard. Anything longer than stubble and I look like Santa Claus. If Santa Claus walked around in cargo shorts and flip flops holding a beer yelling, “?@!$!! Giants!”

Sorry, it’s been a long season.


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The Afterlife Kinda Sucks

oh150713 And when you do get online they block all streaming video.

Seriously suck.

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Top 5 Reasons Tech Support Is Outsourced to Hell


5. Slave labor force of the damned

4. Outside the jurisdiction of international environmental, health and safety regulators

3. Charismatic team leader

2. Incendiary Incentive Bonuses

1. Smoking strictly enforced

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The Wait That Never Ends


I wrote this after the lightening storm two weeks ago that wiped out my modem and Airport Extreme.  Everything’s finally up and running after two weeks.  This included:

  1. Four hours with Verizon Tech Support over two days until I got hung up on (and not called back, despite the fact they asked for and received an alternate number).
  2. Four trips to the Genius Bar twenty miles away where first genius replaced power supply without checking whether Airport Extreme still actually worked.  One trip where wife traded old power supply plus cord and was given back a power supply without a cord.  One trip to retrieve the cord.  And one trip to finally replace the entire Airport Extreme.

They say that computer intelligence will surpass human intelligence by 2040.

I can’t wait.


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Lucy In the Sky With Back-Fat

Why can’t we have alien overlords that mine our front-fat, or thigh-fat, or underarm-fat, or better yet, our head-fat?

Humans never catch a break.


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