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Hammy at 20,000 Feet

Hedge08112017Nice call back to William Shatner’s Twilight Zone episode.


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Almost Done

You know your storyline has gone on too long when the characters don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Three more days.


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The One With DeN-NeY cRANe

I met Mr. Shatner doing publicity for the Hedge film. He’s older than you think, shorter than you think and a bit grouchier than you think. But still a nice guy and a terrific actor.



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The One With Denny Crane For the Defense

When I was trying to think of a defense attorney I thought of Perry Mason (way too dated), Patty Hewes (from Damages, too scary), Ellen Parsons (from Damages, too distractingly pretty), Alley McBeal (too whiney), Matlock (too Sheriff Andy Taylor-ish) and finally Denny Crane.  Denny’s a little dated, but he fits the bill in two ways:  he’s defense strategy is pithy and to the point (“Denny Crane”) and his goofy mug is always good for a grin.

Denny Crane?


denny crane.

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Beam Me Up, Hammy

Over the Hedge

Yes, it’s probably all sorts of illegal for us to drop Ozzie into the strip.  But that’s just the way we ride.  Caution to the wind. Renegades. Outlaws.  Playin’ it fast and loose…

…with our pants somewhere down around our ankles.

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