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No One Wants To See the Butt-Fu

This one made me LOL in that I’d-forgotten-I’d-written-it-so-it-was-fresh-to-me-kind-of-way.  You see, due to my Bud Light Lime besotted memory even I can enjoy my own strip like any regular fan.

This is NOT an endorsement of drinking and writing.  This is an endorsement of writing then drinking then forgetting then reading.

Carry on.

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A Kinder, Gentler, Less Low Brow Over the Hedge

Full Disclosure:  today’s Sunday was written by T.  I’ve been buried in the final push to finish my kid’s book and T’s chipped in by writing a few Sundays.  Today’s cartoon is a nice, safe, solid, right-down-the-middle, inoffensive, everybody-can-relate cartoon.  As opposed to the risky, left-field, almost always offensive to someone, niche-y, only-oddballs-can-relate stuff I write.

I pretty much swing for the fences and strike out a lot.  But when I connect it can be pretty special.  I appreciate those of you who hang around for the fireworks — sporadic though they may be.

In the meantime, enjoy a kinder, gentler, less head-scratching Over the Hedge.

It won’t last long.


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Wanted: Personal Narrator

Wanted: Personal Narrator for light voicing of a modestly well-known raccoon’s innermost thoughts. Experience preferred. Must speak rodent, reptile and some human.  Cats need not apply.


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The One With Only One Word of Dialogue

T gives me a lot of grief for being too wordy.   But, I’ve actually written a lot of one or no word comics.  On several occasions I’ve gone a whole week with no dialogue.  Just to prove I could.

You know, go a week without dialogue.  It wasn’t easy.  But I did it.

Go a week without dialogue.

A whole week.

Without words.

Not one.

For a week.

Boy howdy.


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Why it’s Really Hard for Writers to Commit Suicide

I like Twitter a lot.  For someone who spends a lot of time alone it provides me a way to be social without having to actually talk to people.

It’s mostly a one way conversation – my favorite kind.



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Zinging in the Rain

Over the Hedge

My entire contribution to today’s cartoon was, “Raining.  Hammy dodges  raindrops.  Storm ends.  Hammy’s dry.   RJ wet:  “Show off.”  T laboriously (and expertly)  drew the rest.

Decades in development.  Two seconds to write.

“…and the most amazing thing of all is I get paid for doing this.”


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