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Reality Is For People Who Can’t Handle Hammy

Hedge110319It’s a one way feed. From Hammy to Verne. In case you were wondering.

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Do Not Take Us to Your Leader

Hedge110118It’s been a bad couple of weeks and there’s a good chance something terrible will happen before next Tuesday. Stay safe. VOTE! Soon this will all be a distant vague memory that we’ll all decide was a temporary collective hallucination.


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RJ Makes His Nobel Peace Prize Pitch

Hedge05052018RJ has an tortured relationship with logic. He uses a lot of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Poor logic.

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Stop the World, Hammy Has to Pee

Hedge02012017Thirty-three minutes isn’t a lot of time to say goodbye.

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Peace Be With Us

Over the Hedge - oh161023comb_ht.tifT did a GREAT job with this one.  Nice helicopter and soldiers.

Predictable, commentators over at gocomics.com are going ballistic over this one.

Folks, we OCCASIONALLY get political. T and I are moderates. This has been an outlier of an election. Trump is a clown. Hilary is a status-quo politician with lots and lots of baggage. Not equivalent. I’ll take the baggage over the clown any day. And I’m happy to say it appears as though most people agree.


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Ants vs. Humans

oh160907It’s their planet. We’re just living on it.

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A Lie That Tells the Truth

The kid’s book I’m writing (Odd Squad, Disney-Hyperion, Spring 2013) uses Picasso’s quote as a major theme.  But it’s tricky to interpret.  We intuitively know what Picasso is saying.  A painting doesn’t have to be representational to depict reality.  Consider Picasso’s Gurenica — probably the 20th century’s most powerful depiction of the horrors of war.

Which then would be more “true”?  Picasso’s painting or a photograph of the Basque villiage of Guernica in Northern Spain while the Germans bombed  for 3 hours killing 1600 men, women and children on April 27th 1937.   A photograph would certainly be more representational.  If only for a specific moment.  The painting however, while an abstraction of reality, is for me more real than any photograph could be.

Is it therefore more “true”?

Is it that a lie can only tell the truth when the lie the truth tells is a greater truth?

Yeah, I know…  it sounds way better when Picasso said it.

And didn’t try to explain it.

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