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Hedge09282018Not exactly what I wrote. This works, but what I wrote is better and clearer.

Jerry (holding a large hammer):  He never sees it coming.
RJ (to Verne):  Why doesn’t your chess set have a hammer?
V:  It’s an upgrade.

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Stick a Twinkie In My Eye

oh130420You can’t win a game of chess in one move (unless your opponent resigns after one move). But if you’re Black you can win after two moves.  If you’re White you can win after three.  They’re called Fools Mate:



Fool sold separately.

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It’s Not So Good To Be King

oh130419Give up, Verne. Just give up.


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Hulk Smash Chess

oh130418I’m losing my mind. I started to post this yesterday, got distracted and forgot about it.  I have ADD. AND take meds. And still can’t stay on task.



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There Are No Unicorns in Chess

oh130417Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I screwed up. If a pawn gets to the end of the board it can become any piece, not just a queen.

Again, with these insistent expectations of scrupulous accuracy.

Dammit Jim, I’m a cartoonist, not an editor!

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Frosty the Snow Pawn

Sometimes you hit it out of the park.  Sometimes you strike out.

And sometimes you hit a lazy pop fly that gets caught in the sun and dropped by the shortstop with a Jagermeister hangover.

You’re still on base.  Still in the game.


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Top Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Play Chess with Izzy

5.  If she captures you she makes you do the Humpty Dance.

4.  Her pawns mock you with, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Loser right over.”

3.  She gets glitter all over the board.

2  Her knights aren’t board-broken.

1.  She NEVER loses.


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